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Geneva Motor Show 2017: a look to the future of Bentley supercars

Like every year, Geneva International Motor Show has been the perfect stage for the world premiere of many luxury cars that will be tomorrow’s standard. We took a look over the horizon and got in touch with some of the best supercars of the future.

Bentley presented its new Bentayga Mulliner, a top-level SUV which will be built in very limited number and features a superior selection of materials and finishing, where the owner will play an important role from the customization point of view. This car surely represents a redifinition of exclusive luxury.

Bentley also presented its most powerful and fastest Continental model: the coupé version of the brand new Continental Supersports reaches a top speed of 336 kph and accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 3.5 s. Quite good numbers for a car which reaches top level in both categories, luxury and sportscars.

Photo: gims.swiss


Summer 2017 Early Bird Booking: ready for the warm season!

We do love snow. We love it, indeed. But since we travel everyday to give the best service around Europe, we have fallen in love with many locations which give their best during the warm season.

In our blog we already spent some words on beautiful Tuscany, a land of smooth hills and sweet valleys which is home to some of the best expressions of italian cuisine, touristic locations, arts and panoramas.

At the same time, we remain always astonished by the beauty of the southern France, where a rich and historic land meets some of the most famous shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Another location where we love to work is the area of Marbella and Malaga, where the warmth of the sun unleashes the spicy and folkloristic Spanish heritage.

Summer is also the perfect season to visit European capital cities: we feel at home in Rome, Berlin, Paris and Madrid, where we daily deliver our service to our customers, delivering the best luxury and sports cars at their hotel or at the airport.

If you plan a trip in one of these locations, or anywhere in Europe, contact us and benefit of our Summer 2017 Early Bird Booking opportunities: you will have the chance to choose the car you love, and rent it at the best price!


Our newest cars: Bentley Bentayga

Reach a brand new level in the SUV category with our brand new Bentley Bentayga. Designed and crafted to set a new standard of luxury and performance in the sector, this new flagship car offers a wide range of opportunities to customize and personalise, in order to fit the model to your desires and needs.

The unprecedented tecnhology which lies inside its heart enables it to reach unparalleled levels in terms of power, speed and efficiency, offering at the same time (only luxury SUV to do it) a brand new four-, five- or seven-seat configuration in one body style. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and sporty look and feel with this brand new Bentley jewel.

At King Rent we work everyday to bring to you the best, and we really feel that Bentley Bentayga embodies our values, style and level of service and performance. Contact us for enquiries or reservations: we will deliver this new marvel at your hotel, airport or where you prefer, in the best European locations.