Our newest cars: BMW X5

One of the best mid-sized BMW Sport-Utility Vehicles (SUVs), the new generation of X5 has evolved into a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV), becoming a perfect match between comfort and sporty look and feel. In fact, despite its size, BMW X5 can reach great performances on the road in terms of drive and stability.

Based on a unibody chassis, BMW X5 shares its underpinnings with the BMW 5 series, a performance luxury sedan. This makes this car less oriented on a hardcore off-road soul, making it a better fit for drivers looking for luxury and comfort, but still with the “X Factor” (which stands for 4×4 models, in BMW’s world).

At King Rent we are really glad to have the chance to offer to our customers BMW X5, a pinnacle in the SAV/SUV/4×4 category. Anyway, if you are looking for something different for your next trip, we have plenty of options in our Luxury Car Categories page.