Our newest cars: Bentley Bentayga

Reach a brand new level in the SUV category with our brand new Bentley Bentayga. Designed and crafted to set a new standard of luxury and performance in the sector, this new flagship car offers a wide range of opportunities to customize and personalise, in order to fit the model to your desires and needs.

The unprecedented tecnhology which lies inside its heart enables it to reach unparalleled levels in terms of power, speed and efficiency, offering at the same time (only luxury SUV to do it) a brand new four-, five- or seven-seat configuration in one body style. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and sporty look and feel with this brand new Bentley jewel.

At King Rent we work everyday to bring to you the best, and we really feel that Bentley Bentayga embodies our values, style and level of service and performance. Contact us for enquiries or reservations: we will deliver this new marvel at your hotel, airport or where you prefer, in the best European locations.