One-way rental solutions: explore, don’t go round!

Did you ever think about this before? A car rental gives you the greatest freedom any vehicle can ever guarantee: if compared to any other way to tour any region of the world (let’s say trains or airplanes), the most immediate benefit is that you can plan your own trip, visit the cities you love and have a custom travel experience.

But still, most of the car rentals, even in our luxury and sports cars industry, work the traditional way: you rent your automotive wonder, visit the most beautiful cities in Europe, and then come back to the “A point” to delivery the car back. Be it at your hotel, at the airport or any other location, most of the time, car pick-up and delivery point are the same.

This can be extremely comfortable if you planned a circle trip around a main city, because the locations you want to visit are just a few miles away. But what if you want to eat a genuine paella, and a traditional fondue on the Swiss Alps a couple of days later?

Since we believe that holiday means freedom and the complete absence of stress, we got ready to offer our customers one-way rental solutions, starting from 3-day rentals. You can now pick up your supercar in Paris, drive on the French Riviera and then find us ready to take the car back in Forte dei Marmi. No need to travel in circle. Let us do the hard job for you.