Hollywood Supercars 4: the “real” Supercar

Michael Knight was a lucky guy. In fact, not many men had the chance to drive a real supercar which features turbo boost, can jump, talk. And even few can name the car after their family. The name of world renown KITT from Knight Rider’s american series with David Hasselhoff, in fact, stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. This futuristic supercar was based on a supermodified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am and featured some of those qualities that every driving and racing fan could possibly love in a car.

First of all, KITT is essentially a super-intelligent AI on wheels, with a cybernetic brain which gives the car a strong personality and ability to think, learn, interact with humans and somehow have feelings. Its almost infinite CPU power gives the AI to drive the car alone, and this reveals extremely helpful for Michael in many episodes of the series.

To protect its owner from evil and danger, KITT features a Tri-Helical Plasteel 1000 Molecular Bonded Shell, which not only has a futuristic and cool name, but is also resistant to almost any form of bullets and conventional firearms. This, added to its Pyroclastic Lamination (which has an even cooler name and protects the car up to 426°C temperatures) makes KITT a sort of amazing-looking and areodynamic Pontiac tank.

But maybe the most envied feature of KITT is its famous Turbo Boost, which allows a quick boost of power which can make the car even jump obstacles. The image of KITT jumping above other cars, shocked enemies and walls is a cult for those who were born in the 70s and 80s, and enjoyed the series in their childhood.

In fact, during the 80s (and most of the 90s, on Italian TV) Knight Rider has influenced passions and lifes of many young fans around the world, building an amazing couple with another great car from TV series, The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee. The series also contributed to diffuse the use of term “Supercar”, since this was the name of the Italian version of Knight Rider.