Hollywood Supercars 3: Batmobile Inspirations – The Tumbler

During his 75-years-and-more anti-criminal activity, multi-millionaire Mr. Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. the Batman) has had the best that life could give a man. In fact, being a multi-millionaire superhero seems to bring a lot of benefits, from partying with some of the most beautiful girls ever (Nicole Kidman, Kim Basinger and Michelle Pfeiffer just to name a few) to have at complete disposal an arsenal of bat-tools which could make feel McGuyver absolutely useless. But since our life (and our blog) is dedicated to supercars, there is only one benefit we really envy to the masked vigilante: driving the Batmobile.

The history of the Batmobile could justify writing an encyclopedia, since its legacy (as his lucky owner’s) starts in 1939 and is still developing, like the enduring Batman cult. During the years the car evolved from a red sedan with wing-shaped tailfins to the strongly-armored, black and stylish tank/supercar hybrid we all know from comics, TV and movies. At the same time, its design evolved and took inspiration from some of the best car manufacturers, Porsche, Chevrolet and Lamborghini just to quote some. In this article, we take a short look to the version known as the Tumbler, appeared in The Dark Knight Trilogy and for the first time in Batman Begins (2005).

This version has a special place in the Batmobiles’ history, since it doesn’t feature the classical Batmobile front axle: as visibile in the picture, the car looks like a hybrid between a Lamborghini and a tank, and features the unique feature to jump without needing any form of ramp. Apart from having the traditional ability to drive through concrete barriers without sustaining too heavy damage (made more credible by its tank look), the several versions of the car built for the movies featured futuristic hydraulic enhancements, in order to jump, and propane tanks, in order to show the viewers that characteristic rocket blast out of the afterburner we all appreciated since we were some young supercar lovers.