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One-way rental solutions: explore, don’t go round!

Did you ever think about this before? A car rental gives you the greatest freedom any vehicle can ever guarantee: if compared to any other way to tour any region of the world (let’s say trains or airplanes), the most immediate benefit is that you can plan your own trip, visit the cities you love and have a custom travel experience. Continue reading


Summer 2017 Early Bird Booking: ready for the warm season!

We do love snow. We love it, indeed. But since we travel everyday to give the best service around Europe, we have fallen in love with many locations which give their best during the warm season.

In our blog we already spent some words on beautiful Tuscany, a land of smooth hills and sweet valleys which is home to some of the best expressions of italian cuisine, touristic locations, arts and panoramas.

At the same time, we remain always astonished by the beauty of the southern France, where a rich and historic land meets some of the most famous shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Another location where we love to work is the area of Marbella and Malaga, where the warmth of the sun unleashes the spicy and folkloristic Spanish heritage.

Summer is also the perfect season to visit European capital cities: we feel at home in Rome, Berlin, Paris and Madrid, where we daily deliver our service to our customers, delivering the best luxury and sports cars at their hotel or at the airport.

If you plan a trip in one of these locations, or anywhere in Europe, contact us and benefit of our Summer 2017 Early Bird Booking opportunities: you will have the chance to choose the car you love, and rent it at the best price!


Tuscany’s Treasures – The Abbey of San Galgano: inspiring King Arthur’s mythology?

A cistercian monastery found in the valley of the river Merce, the Abbey of San Galgano in the tuscanian province of Siena is a breathtaking, mystic place. The roofless walls of the Gothic style 13th-century Abbey church still stand tall above the visitor, and still remember the faith and industry of the local inhabitants which started building them around 1220 to remember the Catholic Saint Galgano Guidotti (San Galgano, in Italian), who lived as a hermit and died in the nearby town of Chiusdino.

Formerly a ruthless knight in its early life, Galgano – according to the myth – had a vision about Archangel Michael, the Apostles and the Creator himself. Reading this as a sign, Galgano decided to plant a cross, but having no chance to build a wood cross, planted its sword in the ground. The stone yielded like butter, then became rock again, and noone could ever remove the cross from that point. It is said that the episode inspired the very similar episode in the Arthurian mythology. Myth or not, you can still see the sword planted in the ground in the nearby Montesiepi Chapel.

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Tuscany’s Treasures – Chianti Valley: quality food, wine and landscapes

Simply one of the most beautiful and renowned regions of Italy, Chianti Valley – Valle del Chianti, in Italian – attracts every year thousands of visitors from all around the world. The landscape is the one you can think – or dream – when you think about Tuscany, with its gentle hills kissed by the sun, wide fields of vineyards and olive groves, history-rich stone buildings and castle ruins. So beautiful you will think to live inside a postcard or a photography.

The Valley, and the region that takes the name from it, extends itself between two of the most typical and beautiful Tuscany’s locations: the cities of Siena and Florence. In between these two charming cities you can find plenty of small, rural villages built on the rocks or on the top of green hills surrounded by cypresses, and have the chance to taste some of the best examples of italian food – most typically t-bone steaks and selections of cheese – and some of the greatest products of the Italian wine industry.

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Tuscany’s Treasures – Val d’Orcia: A Wonderful Idea

When you think about Tuscany, it’s very probable that you imagine green and golden hills, covered by vineyards, and long, winding roads closed between two lines of tall and pointy cypresses. Maybe you don’t know, but if you have imagined the scene, you have just seen the Orcia Valley, Val d’Orcia in Italian. Continue reading

Have a Fun-Filled and Memorable Trip with Luxury Car Hire in Europe

Europe is nothing but an enchanted continent. Every place or country you visit gives its appeal and presence felt, quite strongly. Either you travel along the great Berlin wall or what is left of it or the great Rivera, every part of this continent has its appeal. Such exotic places, although, need an equally magnificent car to complete the picture, and, therefore, are born this idea of a luxury car hires.
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How to Opt For a Luxury Car Rental in Milan

Sportscar Milan

Who would not like to drive a luxury car in Italy? No one likes to miss out the luxury of driving the best cars in this country, and thus, if you are travelling to Milan, make sure not to miss out any of the glorious sights. Enjoy it with panache, with an incredible car like a Ferrari or a Maserati. Sit on its wheels and see the world pass by, with style and comfort.
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How to Hire a Luxury and Well-Maintained Car from a Reliable Source in Geneva

There is a lot of tourist influx in Geneva, with people coming from all over the world to check out what this great city has to offer. Geneva has some of the world famous institutions like the UN and Red Cross and the glorious Lake Geneva. However, whatever the reason for their visit it, they can be comfortable with the fact they will have an excellent transportation in hand, with the luxury car hires.

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