2 expert tips to drive on snowy and icy roads (Part 2)


After last week’s first tips to drive in winter, we got in touch again with Chris Gilardoni, rally driver, head mechanic and owner of Gilautosport (http://www.gilautosport.ch) and asked for a couple of new hints.

This week we cover the topic of parking (which can be tricky when temperature goes below zero °C and is quite an important topic in terms of security) and finding the right feeling with the car in the safest way possible.“When parking your car” told us Chris, “avoid using handbrake.” It could sound a little weird and, of course, the situation must be carefully analyzed to take the best decision, but still handbrakes and cold are not the closest friends. In fact, as Chris told us, “when temperature is below zero °C handbrake’s cable could freeze, making it hard (or, in the worst case, impossible) to be deactivated.”

From the driving point of view, another important thing is to find the right feeling with your car. If possible, it could be a great idea “to take time to do a test drive in a parking lot or closed area without other cars. At this point you could try executing some acceleration and braking maneuvers, in order to understand car’s behaviour on ice and snow, and how much time it takes to stop on that conditions.”