2 expert tips to drive on snowy and icy roads (Part 1)


Winter has come and most of us plan to spend a few days (or weeks, for the lucky ones) travelling with the family. If you live in the northern emisphere, odds say you could be facing the fascinating and particular conditions of driving in winter. Driving across the Alps on snowy roads is an experience that everyone should enjoy once in a lifetime. Doing it in a safe way is a must.

While we get ready for our winter trip, we thought you could benefit from 2 experts tips to drive in winter, so we asked Chris Gilardoni, rally driver, head mechanic and owner of Gilautosport (http://www.gilautosport.ch) to give us a couple of hints.“On snowy or icy roads, electronics often doesn’t help to solve the problem of low grip” Chris told us, “so in some cases you should switch off traction control (ESP, TCS or ASR), especially when you ride away after parking, in order to use engine’s full power. Once underway, traction control should be switched on again: at this point electronics will take care to minimize any loss of adhesion.”

“The main issue could be driving down downsloping streets.”, Chris continues. “ABS system is the main electronic help when braking, and cannot be deactivated and re-activated on purpose. This means that all that remains is to work on space and timing: using the lowest gear to use engine braking and keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead (since we expect longer braking distances) are the best way to face the situation”.